Secretary/Assistant Secretary

The Secretary is the chief administrator in the Club. The duties are many and varied and call for a high degree of dedication. The Secretary has more to do with the practical running of the Club than any other officer. He/she should be a good organiser, be methodical and above all, be reliable. The duties dovetail with those of the Chairman and it is essential that both officers work as a team of which the Secretary will very often be the more active person.


Useful Resources and Links

  • Another really useful resource is the GAA Zendesk page this page offers support and advice on how to use FOIREANN effectively
  • Office365 Includes links on how to use each application: Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel etc.
    • Support for email address usernames and passwords Phone +353 – 6619531
    • Six official 0365 accounts are available to all clubs for the following roles:
      • Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, PRO, Childrens officer, Insurance officer.
  • Transfers and Sanction this page includes all forms and user guides for players and clubs for inter-county transfers.
    • Link to Inter-County transfer system (PTS)
    • Club Transfers within a county please see Official Guide (Part 1) and please contact the County Secretary
      • Galway Inter Club transfer Form (check to see if there is one)
      • Permission to play form (check to see if there is one)
    • Overseas Sanctions All sanction applications are made online via the Player Transfer System (PTS). This process is initiated by the club in the USGAA/Canada/New York that the player wishes to with.
    • Transfer and Sanctions FAQ
  • Link to Permission to Play Challenge Game (TBA)
  • Link to Permission to Record a Match (TBA)