Football Fixtures

Saturday May 15th

Kerry v Galway at Austin Park Tralee 3.00 p.m.

Sunday May 23rd.

Galway v Roscommon Pearse Stadium 2.00 p.m.

Sunday May 30th.

Galway v Dublin Pearse Stadium 3.45 p.m.

Hurling Fixtures

Saturday May 8th

Westmeath V Galway Cusack Park Mullingar 2.00 pm

Sunday May 16th

Galway v Limerick Pearse Stadium 3.45 pm

Saturday May 22nd

Tipperary V Galway Semple Stadium Thurles 1.30 pm

Sunday June 6th  

Galway v Waterford Pearse Stadium 3.45 pm

Sunday June 13th  

Cork V Galway Pairc Ui Chaoimh 1.45 pm

2021 League and Championships – Revised Overview (Aprill 2021)

1. Preparation window and games provisions:

  • Return to collective Senior inter county training on April 19th
    • No return dates as of yet for collective inter county minor or U20 training – current exemptions only relate to Senior level.
  • Below provisions guarantee a minimum of 5 games for each Senior County Football and Hurling team (all bar 3 counties guaranteed 6 games in Hurling)
  • Objective – balance
    • Ensuring sufficient games at inter-county
    • League v Championship
    • Club window (2020 and 2021)
    • Inter county completed by end of August
  • Original Programme announced in December – 27 weeks; new programme is 20 weeks

2. Allianz Leagues


  • Run from May 15th/16th to potential League finals weekend on June 19th/20th.
  • Divisions will be split into North and South as planned in December.
    • 4 teams in each group – based on geography.
    • 3 Round Robin games per team.
    • Top two in each Divisional group to league semis, followed by league final*.
    • Bottom two in each Divisional group to Relegation semis – losers (2) relegated.
    • Bottom teams in Division 4 to Shield semi and final.
  • Changes to what was originally announced:
    • London will not be participating.
    • *League finals will only be played (on June 19th/20th) if Counties involved are not playing in the Championship on the following weekend.
    • In that circumstance, Div 1 – joint winners; Div 2, 3, 4 – joint winners and promotion.


  • Div 1 and 2 Counties were asked if they were happy to return after 3 weeks on the basis that 5 league games could be guaranteed or after 4 weeks if only 3 games could be guaranteed – overwhelming majority opted for a return after 3 weeks.
    • Thus Division 1 and 2 will start on 8th/9th May – Division 3 the following week.
  • Div 1a and 1b: As announced in December – remain round robin groups of 6
    • No quarter or semi-finals.
    • NO DIVISION 1 HURLING LEAGUE FINAL scheduled – there will be either joint winners for 2021, or if the teams that win Div 1a and Div 1b meet in the Championship, this will double as a League Final.  
    • Hurling League Relegation play off to be played as curtain raiser to Senior Hurling Semi Final in August.
  • Divisions 2 and 3 will not have league finals – top team in each Division will be crowned champions of that Division. Bottom team in 2a, 2b and 3a will be the relegated team.
  • British based teams will not be involved in the AllIanz Leagues.
  • London and Warwickshire will start 2022 in Divisions 2b and 3a respectively; Lancashire in 3b.

3. 2021 Football Championships

  • Provincial knock-out Championships
  • No Qualifiers
  • New York and London NOT involved
  • No Tailteann Cup in 2021

5. 2021 Liam Mac Carthy Cup  

  • Provincial knock-out Championships with back-door qualifier system (as in 2020) but with introduction of relegation (to Mc Donagh Cup).
  • There will be 11 teams in Liam Mac Carthy in 2021.
    • Munster – Limerick, Waterford, Tipperary, Clare, Cork.
    • Leinster – Kilkenny, Galway, Wexford, Dublin, Laois, Antrim
  • There will be a preliminary round in the qualifiers between the two defeated Quarter-final teams in Leinster.
  • Winners progress to Qualifiers Rd 1 – Losers to Mc Donagh Cup 2022.

6. 2021 McDonagh Cup and 2021 Ring, Rackard and Meagher Cups   

  • No semifinals in Mc Donagh Cup is only change from what was proposed in December.
  • Mc Donagh Cup winners are promoted in 2021 but do not have a back door into Liam Mac Carthy.
  • Mc Donagh Cup and LSHC Final to be on Saturday, 17th July (to ensure Live TV coverage of Mc Donagh Cup final).
  • If Kerry wins the 2021 Mc Donagh Cup, they will play in Leinster in 2022 and replace the relegated team from the LSHC.

Mc Donagh Cup


An Iarmhí

An Mhí


Cill Dara

An Dún

Played on the following basis:

Round Robin Phase –       A and B groups of 3 teams, each drawn on an open draw basis.

                                             Each team plays 2 games (one home, one away).

                                             Top team in each group to Final

                                             Bottom Team in each group to Relegation Final.

Semi-finals –                      Winner Group A v Runner Up Group B, and Winner Group B v Runner Up Group A Final (Home venue to Group winners)


Ring Cup

Rackard Cup     

Meagher Cup

Ros Comáin


Cill Mhantáin    


Uíbh Fhailí   


Dún na nGall

Maigh Eo


Ard Mhacha

Tír Eoghain Warwickshire


An Longfort       

An Lú   

An Cabhán

Fear Manach 


Only change to what was announced in December is that British based teams will not be involved:

Played on the following basis (to guarantee at least 2 games for all teams with promotion/relegation):

Two sides to the draw:    Group A - 3 teams drawn on an open draw basis (each team plays 2 games)

                                             Group B - Two teams play in one fixture

Quarter-Final/Relegation play-off: Bottom team from A v Loser of B (loser relegated – exception: Meagher Cup)


Semi Finals:         Top 2 teams from Group A are drawn to play against Winner of Group B and Winner of Quarter Final/Relegation play-off


British based teams begin the 2022 season in the same Cup as they were due to play in 2021


7. 2020 Minor and U20 Hurling, and Minor Football and 2021 U20 Football and Hurling, Minor Football and Hurling

  • Details will be finalized when there is clarity on a return to training/play date.


8. 2021 Club Window Provisions

  • Important to note that we still do not have permission to return to club training or games yet (only training in pods of 15 allowed in the North)
  • However, calendar is set up in such a way that:
    • Club competitions with county players can take place as County teams exit the Championships (in football, teams start exiting from the end of June; in Hurling July 10th) [RESTRICTIONS PERMITTING]
    • From August 1st, all Counties bar All Ireland Semi-Finalists in Football and Hurling, and the teams in the Div 1 Hurling Relegation play off, will be free to stage club competitions with county players. [RESTRICTIONS PERMITTING]
    • Additionally, the commencement of the Provincial Club Championships will be delayed until Mid-November.
    • Provinces have been requested to ensure Clubs from teams in the senior inter-county All Ireland Semi-finals and Finals will not be involved in the earliest round of the relevant Provincial Championship (where possible).
  • Senior Provincial Club Championship will most likely start in or around the weekend of Nov 20/21 (dates to be finalized by each Provincial Council).
  • All Ireland Senior Club Finals are provisionally scheduled for the weekend of February 12th/13th 2022..
  • Updated 2021 GAA Calendar










    January 2022

    February 2022


    Week 14 |3/4

    Week 18 |1/2

    Week 23 |5/6

    Week 27 |3/4

    Week 31 |31/1

    Week 36 |4/5

    Week 40 |2/3

    Week 45 |6/7

    Week 49 |4/5

    Week 1 |1/2

    Week 6 |5/6




    AHL Rd 4 (Div 1/2)

    AHL Rd 3 (Div 3B)

    MCD, RRM Groups2



    Sat: SHC QFs

    USFC Final

    LSFC Final

    RRM Finals and Relegation

    County Club Championships

    County Club Championships

    County Club Championships


    Provincial Club Championships


    All Ireland Intermediate and Junior Club Finals



    Week 15 |10/11

    Week 19 |8/9

    Week 24 |12/13

    Week 28 |10/11

    Week 32 |7/8

    Week 37 |11/12

    Week 41 |9/10

    Week 46 |13/14

    Week 50 |11/12

    Week 2 |8/9

    Week 7 |12/13



    AHL Rd 1 (Div 1/2)



    AFL Semi Finals and Relegation Play Off

    AHL Rd 5 (Div 1/2) AHL Rd 4 (Div 3A)

    SHC Prelim Rd

    MCD, RRM Groups3



    SHC SF’s

    AHL Div 1 Relegation Play off

    County Club Championships

    County Club Championships

    County Club Championships

    Provincial Club Championships


    Provincial Club Championships

    AIB All Ireland Senior Club Finals



    Week 16 |17/18

    Week 20 |15/16

    Week 25 |19/20

    Week 29 |17/18

    Week 33 |14/15

    Week 38 |18/19

    Week 42 |16/17

    Week 47 |20/21

    Week 51 |18/19

    Week 3 |15/16

    Week 8 |19/20


    Senior Inter Co Pre-Season – RETURN TO COLLECTIVE TRAINING (Monday Apr 19th)

    AFL Rd 1

    AHL Rd 2 (Div 1/2)


    AHL Rd 1 (Div 3A&B)

    AFL Finals

    (if participants are not playing in Championship on 26/27 June)


    AHL Rd 5 (Div 3A)


    Sat: LSHC Final

    Mc Donagh Final

    SHC Rd 1


    Sun: MSHC Final



    SFC SF’s

    (CvL, UvM)

    County Club Championships

    County Club Championships

    County Club Championships

    (All Ireland Finalists)


    Start of Provincial Club Championships

    Provincial Club Championships

    Provincial Club Championships



    Week 17 |24/25

    Week 21 |22/23

    Week 26 |26/27

    Week 30 |24/25

    Week 34 |21/22

    Week 39 |25/26

    Week 43 |23/24

    Week 48 |27/28

    Week 52 |25/26

    Week 4 |22/23

    Week 9 |26/27




    AFL Rd 2

    AHL Rd 3 (DIv1/2)


    AHL Rd 2 (Div 3A&B)


    Provincial Hurling and Football Championships Start


    McD, RRM Groups1


    SHC Rd 2

    Sun: MSFC Final

    CSFC Final

    Mc D Relegation


    All-Ireland Hurling Final

    County Club Championships

    County Club Championships


    County Club Championships

    (All Ireland Finalists)


    Provincial Club Championships


    Club Hurling

    Semi Finals



    Week 22 |29/30


    Week 35 |28/29


    Week 44 |30/31


    Week 5 |29/30


    AFL Rd 3

    AHL Rd 3 (Div 3A)

    All-Ireland Football Final

    County Club Championships

    Club Football Semi-Finals



Covid  19 Update


A chara,

I know you will be aware by now of the positive announcement by the Irish Government this evening that non-contact underage training in pods of 15 will be permitted from April 26th and that full contact Inter-County training at adult level can re-commence from April 19th.

These are hugely welcome developments and allow us finally to begin planning on-field activity for the remainder of 2021. However, it should also be noted that these dates are conditional and will very much depend on what happens in terms of the overall COVID-19 picture in the coming weeks. For that reason, it is more important than ever that no collective training sessions are held between now and the Government indicated return dates. Breaches in this context will not only be dealt with under our own Rules but would likely put the broader plan to return to activity in serious jeopardy.

As you will appreciate, we need to receive further clarity on aspects of what was announced today before finalising our plans for a return to training and ultimately games. We also need to finalise competition structures and dates for the up-coming inter-county season, as well as ensuring advice is provided for all clubs in relation to how they can safely recommence underage activity (and in the case of the 6 Counties, adult club training from April 12th).

At this point, we can only confirm that Senior Inter County teams both North and South are likely to be permitted to return to collective training from Monday, April 19th. We hope to be in a position to confirm the fixture calendar and competition structures for inter county by the end of next week.. We also hope to have finalised updated versions of our Return to Play documents for both inter-county and club activity ahead of the stated dates for resumption North and South of the border.  

In the interim, we would ask for your patience while we complete this work and we look forward to communicating in detail with you all again next week in relation to the resumption of GAA activity.

Is muide, le meas,


Labhrás Mac Carthaigh                                                Tomás O Riain

Uachtarán                                                                       Ard Stiúrthóir

Gaelic Games Player Pathway launched

Tuesday 16 March 2021

The GAA, the Ladies Gaelic Football Association & An Cumann Camógaíochta are delighted to announce details of a new and exciting Gaelic Games Player Pathway.

For the first time, all three Associations with responsibility for the promotion of Gaelic Football, Hurling, Ladies Football and Camogie will have an aligned pathway and vision for player development.

All players are at the heart of this new Pathway – with club involvement central to its success – and there will be a key focus on creating an effective player development environment.

The Gaelic Games Player Pathway aims to fulfil the mission of the three Associations to address elitism in underage development, make quality coaching within clubs a lynchpin and to provide an opportunity for lifelong participation in our games for every boy and girl, regardless of their ability.


Henry Shefflin from Ballyhale Shamrocks GAA club at the launch of the new Gaelic Games Player Pathway which is a new united approach to coaching and player development by the GAA, LGFA and Camogie Association that puts the club as the core. 

The Pathway has three main phases: Foundation, Talent and Elite/High Performance, with these phases further subdivided into eight sub-phases.

All three Associations are committed to providing players with the right supports at the right time, which will enable them to individually empower themselves to engage with the many challenges they will face along their Player Pathway Journey.

Kilkenny hurling legend Henry Shefflin (Ballyhale Shamrocks) was on hand today to launch the new Player Pathway, along with Kilkenny Senior camogie player Davina Tobin (Emeralds), and Meath Senior Ladies Footballer Vikki Wall (Dunboyne).


Davina Tobin and Viki Hall below at the Launch


This announcement reinforces the commitment and joint approach to Games Development from all three Associations, and builds on previous collaborations such as Go Games, Féile, Volunteer Training, the recently-launched ‘Be Ready to Play’ and the Introduction to Coaching Gaelic Games Course, which will be launched very soon.

Meath and Dunboyne footballer Vikki Wall at the launch of the new Gaelic Games Player Pathway which is a new united approach to coaching and player development by the GAA, LGFA and Camogie Association that puts the club as the core.

The Pathway outlines a holistic approach to Player and individual development, with the overriding aim of providing all players with positive experiences, thereby increasing the retention rate of lifelong participants.

The GAA, the Ladies Gaelic Football Association & An Cumann Camógaíochta are united in the wish to create a better understanding of the Player Pathway for all involved in nurturing a love of Gaelic games – the player, the parent/guardian, the coach, the club, the teacher.

Speaking about today’s launch, Uachtarán Chumann Lúthchleas Gael, Larry McCarthy, said: “The Gaelic Games Player Pathway is the result of several years of careful work and planning that is designed to give every player the chance to have the best experience possible from their involvement in Gaelic games.

“All of our players are club players; and so it is vital that we put the club at the heart of our player development pathway and ensure that whatever road your playing career takes, that it is something positive and that the club in turn benefits. Aligning this work across the GAA, LGFA and Camogie will embed this philosophy throughout Gaelic games coaching with a culture that nurtures the Person as much as the Player.”  

Uachtarán Cumann Peil Gael na mBan, Mícheál Naughton, commented: “This exciting programme will help greatly to foster and enhance a culture of participation and enjoyment for all of our players.

“Our wish is that our players get involved in our Association and stay involved for life.

“You may be a player who is fortunate to line out for your county on All-Ireland Final day – or you may be a player who’s in our sport simply for participation and enjoyment.

“There is no distinction to be made here – it’s about playing our sport because you enjoy it, and being encouraged to play.

“I would like to acknowledge the hard work and collaboration of key stakeholders in all three Associations in bringing this Gaelic Games Player Pathway to fruition.”

Davina Tobin of Kilkenny and Emeralds GAA Club at the launch of the new Gaelic Games Player Pathway which is a new united approach to coaching and player development by the GAA, LGFA and Camogie Association that puts the club as the core.

On behalf of An Cumann Camógaíochta, President Kathleen Woods commented: “The Camogie Association is delighted to be part of this historical and ground breaking collaboration.

“The core and heart of this new pathway is that it is player-centred and club-centred.

“This new pathway facilitates the development of all players at all levels from participation to performance.

“The underpinning philosophy of the Gaelic Games Player Pathway is to support players with the right environment, at the right time of development through coaching, education and developing their athletic and personal capacities as they grow.

“This will ensure that the experience of playing our games is always appropriate for the developmental stage of the player involved and will assist players, parents, coaches, teachers officials and administrators to make informed decisions about player development so that every child youth and adult can reach their desired potential and enjoy our games throughout their lifetime.

“I would like to acknowledge and thank the work of the staff within all three associations and the many volunteers who have contribute to the Gaelic Games Player Pathway Development.”

For full details on the Gaelic Games Player Pathway, visit

Due to increased demand, additional training webinars on FOIREANN have been scheduled throughout March.

Please Note: The sessions on March 18th (7pm), 29th and 31st (both 8pm), will be ran as live events and attendances will no longer be capped.

To register for these sessions participants can register via this link


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